Anonymous (anon_believer) wrote in hollyweirdos,

>Thread XXVI
>Sir Sellout is at it again!!!

You guys totally need to check this out:


What do we make of this?

A: My very good retention to attempts master's any part of me which passes the train ring to be independently clean.

Look how he uses the word 'clean' here. Sir Ian obviously finds homosexuality a dirty thing. I think 'train ring' can be referred to here as a cock ring that needs 'cleaning' - as in, the purging of all filthy homosexual acts. God, what a bastard.

I am certainly to the rich sentimental interdependence expression between Frodo and the sum, but Elijah and the Sean interest, produces by this studio.

OKAY WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED??? Look how he uses the word 'rich' here! That man is in love with money and nothing else! 'between Frodo and the sum' - between Elijah and the PR, we can take this to mean. 'produces by this studio' - he's basically admitting to Dom and Lij's oh-so-'platonic' relationship as resolutely heterosexual! Do you see how close he put Sean and the word 'studio' together? Sean is so in league with PR, that evil baby-eater rapist.

Perhaps their friendship equally contains these and looks like the American certainly to inform hobbit pare. I am impossible to wait for that, surrounds sees to be more it in the Cojones return.

Oh, 'perhaps' is it now, Sir I? Last time I checked in my dictionary, 'perhaps' wasn't an absolute. The fact that he uses it in terms of the word 'friendship' is mighty suspicious if you ask me.

I read the Internet suspicion about the sex from Elijah. So perhaps I am the attempt, said the Buddhist ceremony directly through will place his heterosexual, and decided. And Sean and.

Oh my god, he mentions Buddhism! Obviously this refers to Elijah as the prophet who will lead us to a gay nirvana. 'So perhaps I am the attempt' - he's admitting to being in league with PR in their attempts to keep the boys in the closet! 'heterosexual, and decided' - The lies, the lies! 'And Sean and.' - trying to cover all your bases, Ian? You pig!

We have a massive cover-up here, guys, and it astounds me that no one else can see it. The PR is really bent on clamping down all the gay rumors and they're using their favorite puppet to do it. The man admits that he lies! I mean, just look at this post! Mighty suspicious grammar if you ask me.
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