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>Thread XXV
>Keeping The Faith

By now you've all seen and talked over the reports from the con on our journals and such, but I just wanted to bring more squeeing here! DOM MENTIONED THE RUMORS! No one brought them up to him either, HE did! Total shoutout! And he was laughing and laughing when he spoke about them-- he seemed so happy about our support! He mentioned that whole thing about Hannah being used as a beard for him too-- WE talked about that! Just more proof and a huge shoutout to us that he reads here! And he said that he and Elijah read the stuff together (WHAT MORE PROOF DOES ANYONE NEED?!) and that they discussed holding hands on the red carpet at the ROTK premieres!

The huge smile on his face was so amazing, he seemed so free and happy, like it was a joke to him, because our messages of hope had made the whole terrible situation bearable. He's so brave! All the little fangirls in the audience were so confused, but WE knew the score.

I'm sooooooo happy today. I've never meant it more: LOVE AND LIGHT TO THE BOYS!
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