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> Thread XXV
> Keeping the Faith

The papers are saying that Lij was in the hospital for a burst appendix!!!!!11111! But suposedly this happened weeks ago and they're only breaking the news now!

So, here are my theories.

1. Lij was really in the hospital giving birth to a beautiful big blue eyed baby boy.

2. Lij was really in the hospital because of serious internal injuries because Dom's cock is so huge, even bigger than Sean's 20 incher!!!!!

3. Lij was nowhere near the hospital. He was going ass full throttle in the produce isle with Dom! Yah! Go boys!!!

4. HE and Dom were secretly getting married in Hawaii and then having a sweet romantic honeymoon in New Zealand where they bought a house and have long, sweet rimming sessions where they're totally naked except for their rings that show their true love and also Dom's cock rings that he wears as shoutout bracelets. And so the whole hospital thig was a coverup by PR to explain their sudden absense,

5. Lij really did have a burst appendix, poor boy. But they wante dto keep Sean away so they didn't report it in the papers until weeks later. Because Sean always reads teh papers to see if there's any mention of his name because all he cares about is publicity.

6. Lij didn't want crazed stalkers like those circle_jerk chicks to find him, so they didn't put it in the paper.

7. He knew we would all be so worried about him if we found out right away, so he waited until he was all better to put it in the papers. I think maybe this is the truest answer. He cares about us so much here on HWR and loves us for all our support and knows how worried sick we would be to hear he is hurting. But Dom was with him and held his hand even thought they were both weeping...and the sky wept with them because it was so beautiful, theyre big blue and green and grey eyes filling with crystal tears. Oh Lij! Thank you for thinking of us!!!!!

You boys rock! I love you! Just counting the months till ROTK opens and then the oscars and then you boys will be free! We will throw you a party then and drink chartreuse (the yellow kind of course!!!) and eat madeira cakes to show our support for you coming out.

Love and light and peace. You bring lgiht to the world Lij!!! Oh and DOm, too.
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