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> Thread XXV
> Keeping the Faith

I know you're all wondering now what I have to say about seeing the boys again. Well, I have a lot to tell you about the experience.

Let me sum up, first. Nothing at all happened. Nothing at all happened, but just seeing them together doing nothing at all obliterated that smidgen of doubt that I've always sworn I never had but I really did have, trust me! And no, the video and pictures I'm about to post aren't going to show how much their interaction proved they were a couple, but please take my word for it, especially when I explain why Dom and Billy being affectionate and Elijah and Sean being affectionate is NOTHING LIKE Elijah and Dom together.

That said, let me try to explain what I mean.

The thing is here.

In spite of my feelings in this respect for the last year and a half and of my confidence to the people which I spoke here and elsewhere with with his topic, it remained this small smidgen of doubt. It wonders whether the images and video were perhaps misleading for it. It wonders whether I saw something which was not there. If a dozen were just perhaps people of all, the wonders to accumulate a certain great hoax.

The observation of these types during almost two hours continuous modified that. It destroyed not only this smidgen, but the total roots of safety to its topic of three feet of deep.

They do not have them outrageously, did not go specifically really anything contained. They were related just simply to the hip during almost the whole time which they were more. There was, like anybody was not even different in the world. They would act on the other with ventilators in the tandem during a few seconds, and then, if the ventilator had gone, they would concentrate on mutual. They spoke without interruption, while they signed. They were only distant millimetres whole time. It was like the press conference of Tokyo of last year an observation only from phase and 10 foot of the distance.

And the most astonishing thing is that all was completely normal. I to have weak the starstruck very any weekend not little to receive. If I were granted in by method, the same bay of the market hall me not to really concern. Thus, I was to draw right, calmly estimating, which persisted. From Vibe released it the totality vibe which I have who simple and was calmly relaxed just, such as I would be around another person.

In spite of surroundings of sourness with facts of side and goes above salesmen or delicate of girls which freaking around it to be outside (some of were which agitates or cries), the types there it, had right contents just normally. They would be "on" dans some circumstances, but for the majority they were right an action like each one. I tried not to damage me, then I do not have of it really any the obvious presentations in eel of letter-box observed and the stage in the place observed. When the lights of stage were falling, they were right leaning against the table in the corner, coast coastal speaking. They closed mehrer only the mark, where they were to act on the other with someone else.

I wish it you with the remainder could've of the types considering that. We have completely soon much video, store remote, but it does not make him just a justice. I am happy for his sakes that they behaved well. Nothing unworthy, only that folded would've except each one, already it not of certain idea of which had what persisted. But in the position I was inside, to be able to observe it, who is enough on squee to others in time for that to act...

She is not remarkable. It is not with-top-$$$-top. They are precisely obviously very very narrow and were during a very long time. They have the rate/rhythm and the sale of the people who in the company of one each one during years constant being. They have a verbal knowledge and a coordination mutually physically and which does not occur just with each one, but with couples. It is quiet, calm, tender and sure. That affectionate-but-practised that shtick not that the Dom and of Billy have. It is not the purposeful interaction of which Elijah and Sean have. It is without automatic knowledge. It is not an interaction envisaged, to make an exposure for others or places for a camera or makes a remark. Your interaction is only for it. And if they act on the other, the remainder can also pack to the top with the world and go to the house, because they do not even any more exist.

There is really no kind of transporting this in the words but he is there, the individuals. Absolutely there it is.
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