Dom Monaghan at your service (tallest) wrote in hollyweirdos,
Dom Monaghan at your service


> Thread XXV
> Keeping the Faith

Listen up please for some insider information from New Zealand.

Elijah and Dom intend doing another colour shoutout for you all, so keep your eyes open for their next public appearance.

However the boys would like to encourage you to show your colours as well, so that they can have some proof that their loyal fans are rooting for them in their efforts to convince the studio to let them come out as boyfriends.

To demonstrate your support for Elijah and Dom in a way that the_pr would have to notice, read this page and follow the instructions to vote on the Crayola site to keep "burnt sienna" in the Crayola crayon box.

Your vote counts, not just to save this beautiful colour but to register your approval of Elijah and Dom's efforts to come out.

So please vote! And thanks everyone for the kind thoughts. Elijah and Dom are very much aware of all the well-wishes and appreciate them tremendously.
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