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>Thread XXV
>Keeping The Faith

About the latest pics of Dom with the (ack) girl... we all knew there'd be more bearding, and at least they're not subjecting us to pics of Dom clutching this girl's butt like poor Elijah had to do with Franka.

But I wonder if even PR is tipping their hat this way in their choice of beards. Don't you think she's kind of like the "little red-haired girl" from Peanuts... the one Charlie Brown is supposedly in love with... a girl who you never actually see?

I think it's a little bit of a shoutout. This might be PR's way of asking us to go along with their scheme, at least until the premieres and Oscars are over. And notice that Dom is wearing all those different sunglasses in the pics. Almost like he's asking us to turn a blind eye to the bearding?

What do you think?
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