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> Thread XXV
> Keeping the Faith

So I saw this article about Sir Ian. What does everyone think? Sounds to me like thye're trying to gay Sir Ian up to take attention away from Dom n Lij. Eveyrone knows Sir I is just a dirty old man, so what does it matter if he's straight or gay? Like anyone cares. I mean, ugh, he's as old as my great grandfather I bet. Why isn't he dead yet anyway? But Dom and Lij are hot up and coming young actors with so many teenies after them (not me of course I know they're as queer as a whole orchard of parakeet trees) so their fan base would be really crushed if they knew the boys were spending every free second rimming each other and going ASS FULL THROTTLE IN THE PRODUCE ISLE wooo! Go boys! Light and love to ya! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, everyone knows Dom and Lij are going to win best actor this year in the Oscars, but Sir I has no chance. I mean why would they ever even nominate such an old fart? So PR is really trying to keep the press off the boys, I bet. Anyway, just go and read the article, you'll see what I mean. Besides how is it news that his young boyfriend had an affair? Poor Sir I probably cant even get it up anymore and who wants to think about him having sex?! Ugh! That's almost as gross as het sex.
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