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> Thread XXV
> Keeping the Faith

Squee! Ted's mentioned the boys again. This is just my analysys, of course only Autie will know the real truth.

Oh ho,

OMG! "Ho"? This is obviously an attempt to distract from Dom n Lijs true love by implying that they sleep around.

those Lord of the Rings boys are at it again-- and this time their high-spirited hobbit hijinks have gotten them into hot water!

Hmm...I kept reading this one line over and over trying to figure out what the meaning could be, and the only thing I could come up with is water sports. Do you think Dom and Lij are into water sports? I remember they pissed into a fountain once, maybe that was a shoutout.

Seems Billy Boyd playfully poked his pal Elijah Wood with a prop knife in the presence of police officers, who didn't know what to make of the pint-sized stars' puppyish antics. Perplexed and confused, the cops cuffed the scrumptious Scot and booked him.

So what do you think? I think Billy was really trying to stab Lij cuz he's so jealous of their true love. Either that or poking him with a knife is a metaphor and he tried to rape lij!! What do you think? I don't want to think this about Billy. I mean, Sean I could understand, he has so many problems, it's really not his fault all the terrible things he does and all the pain he causes for the boys. But I thought Billy was above this and he could be happy for hs best friend. Autie, I need your imput!!

The charges against his friend got fellow hobbit Dominic Monaghan's dander up-- so he rumbled with the cops over Billy's innocence, only to land in the clink himself!

So now Dom is in jail, too? What could this mean? Do you really think he got angry with the cops or that he went after Billy for hurting Lij? Or maybe it didn't happen at all and PR put Dom in jail on purpose so he couldn't speak out about his love. Or maybe they were trying to tempt Dom into cheating on Lij. I bet there are lots of hot guys in prison. I watch OZ, so I know all about it. But Dom won't be tempted, his love for Lij is true. That's why he wears those cock rings on his arm like a wedding ring to symbolize their true love. Love and light boys, we love you!!!!!

New Line legal counsel plans to set the record straight at Billy's forthcoming arraignment, where the charges for the hot-tempered halflings are expected to be dismissed or reduced to at most "disturbing the peace".

Of course PR has a spin on everything. They don't want us to know that there's a rift between Dom and Billy, cause they still think we believe their dumb tale of Billy as Dom's beard. *rolls eyes* Whatever. That is so obviously faked. Their banter is so practiced and I noticed that it seems Dom is uncomfortable around Billy in recent pictures, what do yout hink? I bet PR will spin something about this to make it look like Billy was upset cause Lij was trying to horn in on him and Dom when we all know it's the other way around.

Disturbing the peace? Rowr, boys, make love, not war!

Now that's definitely the Ted we know, dropping hints about the bnoys! They're always making love whenever they have a chance. Beautiful sweet love. I bet Dom uses his tongue to prepare Lij's hot, wet tunnel of love. he takes hours prepping Lij to make suer hes redt, untill Lij is shouting and so hard and redyfor Dom's love meat. Whew doesnt taht make you so hot? *fans self*

Meanwhile, mismatched celebs Demi and Ashton sent murmurs stirring last week...

Ted what kind of drugs are you on? You think you can distract us with this bit about Ashton and Demi? Who cares about them! You think you can mention Lij and then people will pay attention to any other celebs? No way! Demi and Ashton can't even compare to Lij. He's a true actor and very passionate about his art, not like thse sellouts.

So Autie, tell us what you think? I bet I'm way off on a lto of stuff, but I thought I'd just post my ideas.

Love and light boys!! We love you!!!!!!1!!
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