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> Thread XXV
> Keeping the Faith

Listen up please for some insider information from New Zealand.

Elijah and Dom intend doing another colour shoutout for you all, so keep your eyes open for their next public appearance.

However the boys would like to encourage you to show your colours as well, so that they can have some proof that their loyal fans are rooting for them in their efforts to convince the studio to let them come out as boyfriends.

To demonstrate your support for Elijah and Dom in a way that the_pr would have to notice, read this page and follow the instructions to vote on the Crayola site to keep "burnt sienna" in the Crayola crayon box.

Your vote counts, not just to save this beautiful colour but to register your approval of Elijah and Dom's efforts to come out.

So please vote! And thanks everyone for the kind thoughts. Elijah and Dom are very much aware of all the well-wishes and appreciate them tremendously.
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YES! Another color shoutout! Do white and green this time! MINTY!


July 15 2003, 06:01:05 UTC 13 years ago

White and green = totally cool. Good idea 01:23 because they're not trendy colors at the moment (unlike khaki and lemon) but they never go out of fashion.


July 15 2003, 01:25:24 UTC 13 years ago

Nonnono! Do black and orange!
WHAT? That's Halloween colors, you retard, that would look totally stupid.


July 15 2003, 01:26:37 UTC 13 years ago

yeah i think if they do holidaze they should do chrismas

red and green all the way

elijah looks sexxxy in red mmmm baby

& dom is cute in any color
Black leather and white linen!


July 15 2003, 06:16:34 UTC 13 years ago

Pirate gear? Why don't you take that to the Orlando thread, you teeny idiot. He's the $ellout who is doing fucking Disney films and going along with all the Disney PR. We're here for the guys who have the courage to stand up to the publicity machine, the guys who are worth our support and admiration. Dom and Elijah have far too much integrity to dress up stupid just to get $$$$$ in thier pockets.


July 15 2003, 06:22:37 UTC 13 years ago

I so agree. I'm so disappointed in Orlando. I mean, he's clearly gay - just look at the way he's always hugging his castmates in public. No straight guy would ever act that way. And then he goes and does some Disney flick and suddenly its "Oh, hey, I really like girls" and "Here's my beard girlfriend Kate!" Makes me want to PUKE!


July 15 2003, 10:55:30 UTC 13 years ago

Oh please. Just because Orlando's career is a million times more successful than Lij and Dom's put together is no reason for you to be jealous.


July 15 2003, 06:30:47 UTC 13 years ago

Bitch! Keep your dirty hands off my Orlando! He never said he wasn't gay, and just because he says he likes girls doesn't mean he doesn't like guys too!!! Haven't you ever heard of bisecuality?!

You Domlijah fans go on and on about the evil PR keeping them down. Don't you ever stop to think about how hard it must be for the other guys too, having to choose between being themselves and thier careers and stuff?


July 15 2003, 06:31:20 UTC 13 years ago

Take it to the Orlando thread, fuckwad.


July 15 2003, 06:47:35 UTC 13 years ago

There's no need to be snippy 06:31. This subject was raised in the Domlijah thread and I'm going to adress it here. Everyone makes out like, Dom and Elijah are oh so brave to go up against the EVAl PR and we got to support them and poeple like Orlando who just want to get on with their lives and careers are like sellouts and it really, really annoys me! He's being just as victimized as they are and needs our support too!


July 15 2003, 10:56:40 UTC 13 years ago

Well maybe if Orlando wasn't such an attention seeking whore, we'd have more sympathy towards him. I mean, look at Lij and Dom - they are totally oppressed!


13 years ago

yeah everyone, please save burnt sienna!

please please please please please!



July 15 2003, 07:29:37 UTC 13 years ago

I voted for burnt sienna to stay. I <3 burnt sienna.


July 15 2003, 10:57:46 UTC 13 years ago

Burnt sienna is the ugliest colour. I'm so not voting for it.


July 15 2003, 11:27:03 UTC 13 years ago

So don't vote already, show the world you have no taste!


July 15 2003, 20:07:02 UTC 13 years ago

Uh right, like thinking the color of shit is having taste. Perhaps you just like the taste of it.


July 15 2003, 05:56:15 UTC 13 years ago

OMG! I cant believe all you people have been taken in by this obvious TROLL. Voting on some website? How is that going to help spread the word of the True Domlijah Love?

And you, OP, get real. Trying to make out you know these guys when you're never going to get anywhere near them except at some fan convention. People like you make me want to vomit. Face it girl, no matter how many posters you stick on your wall, they're never going to fuck you.
I have spent 2 days reading up on all this stuff about "Domlijah" and as someone who works in the entertainment field I gotta say that there are a LOT of guys out there who will hug each other just because they are pleased to see each other - sorry guys, but it's true. It's not because they are gay or not gay we live in a world where that's ok now. The days of Wayne Sleep and back slapping hetero machoism are over. I know some of these people we are all speculating about and a lot of others like them - domlijah, shoutouts, MsA, coffee & cream, hobbits who live together... it's all urban myth and whatever the truth you at home reading this will never know for sure. But know this if you need justification in your life for anything that you are using Domlijah for, you should find yourself a friend in the real world that YOU can hug and sit them down and have a real chat..before the PR guys get you too...
Ol' Bombadil
there are a LOT of guys out there who will hug each other just because they are pleased to see each other

Yeah-- a lot of GAY guys!!!!!!!!


July 18 2003, 19:04:41 UTC 13 years ago

No, a lot of GUUUYYYYYYSSSSSSSSS. What's with the fixation on all things gay? Do I not hug my str8 friends? Yes. Do they hug each other? Yes. So, no word on the clothe wearing conspiracy theory that will prove beyond a doubt that Elijah and Dom are in a relationship? Y'know, it's funny I wore a paisley sarong yesterday and do you know that someone is now saying that I am involved in a heterosexual relationship with some woman I work with - huh?! How rude!
whoos bombadil? was he one fo the othher hobbits in the movie?


July 15 2003, 19:51:30 UTC 13 years ago

*goes to vote* i think crayola should put up virtual candles on their web site.

that way we can spread the love on a grander scale!


July 16 2003, 00:41:22 UTC 13 years ago

oh sure, like lighting a candle is going to make all the difference *snorts*